Happy Fall, fans of Farmer!

The weather has officially turned here in New York, making me feel more and more at home. My wife and I (and Rocket the Dog) just passed our 1-year anniversary here in NYC, and Megan and I celebrated 2 years of being married. We’re pretty stupid in-love with each other. She (and Rocket the Dog) are my reason for EVERYTHING. They fuel my work, my passion, my playfulness, my imagination, and make me want to do and be better. I’m a blessed man.

Me and the wife, amongst friends and pets thru our last year here in NYC.

Me and the wife, amongst friends, family, pets, and Lin-Manuel thru our last year here in NYC.

1st Big Piece of news: THE TRAILER for ‘The Falls: Covenant of Grace’ is here!

Even though this hasn’t been color or sound corrected, its an amazing glimpse into the final chapter. Click the picture to watch it!


I think the the 2nd biggest bit of news to share to start off the autumn season is that the WORLD PREMIERE of ‘The Falls: Covenant of Grace,’ the 3rd and final chapter in the series, will be on Saturday, October 22nd at the 21st Annual TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival! I’ll be flying the to NW to attend the screening with my fearless writer/director Jon Garcia, as well as co-star Nick Ferrucci and most of the cast and crew! I cannot wait to see the full, final cut of the film in it’s entirety with an audience! Less than 2 weeks away!

A few weeks ago, I attended a rough cut screening in Portland, Oregon at the 20th Annual Portland Queer Film Festival! This was a first-look cut of the movie, without completed sound and color correction, and my first time seeing it! Jon and I introduced the film, and we had a great Q&A afterwards. It went SO well! We had probably 200 people in attendance, and some incredible reception and feedback for the film. Below are a few pics from the event!

Our poster right in the center!

Our poster right in the center!

Jon and I introducing the film

Jon and I introducing the film

Walking hand-in-hand with Chris Merrill over the last 7 years has been one of my life’s greatest honors, and I’m so very blessed to have played such a flawed and beautiful man.

THANK YOU to all of you for your constant support and words of encouragement. I’ll keep you updated on any developments in the post-production process. In the meantime, I’m back in NYC hitting the audition circuit again!

Below are some BTS photos from the film shoot back in July of this year, taken by the amazing Jamie Duke!